Enterprise projects outsourcing

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Enterprise projects outsourcing

When enterprise companies are considering outsourcing a project, they typically look for several key factors to ensure they find the right partner.

Here are some of the things that enterprises commonly look for:


Customers needs

Enterprise companies typically look for outsourcing partners who have expertise in the specific technologies and skills needed for their project.

They want to work with a partner who can provide high-quality work and deliverables, and who can help them achieve their goals in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The HelloWorld way

HelloWorld teams offer the full pipeline of services as shown below:

  • UX design and analysis
  • Backend Engineering
  • Frontend Engineering
  • Mobile Engineering
  • DevOps

These give us the opportunity to have total control of a project by planning and executing accurately using state-of-the art technologies such as Python, PHP, ReactJS, React Native, VueJS and AWS cloud services.

Cost savings

Customers needs

Cost is always a factor when considering outsourcing a project. Enterprise companies look for outsourcing partners who can offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

They want to get the most value for their money and ensure that outsourcing the project is cost-effective.

The HelloWorld way

Building a new cross-functional team nowadays is difficult, extremely expensive and might end up with ambiguous results till the new team starts delivering value.

HelloWorld teams offer a great variety of services so they can approach a new project or product in a holistic way while following incremental deliveries using an Agile workflow.

Last but not least, HelloWorld people use modern tools like Toggl to track working hours which can give our customers a great insight regarding expenses and resources management.

All these combined, have proven to be an extremely efficient approach for customers of ours who want to see results fast without throwing money out of the window.


Customers needs

Enterprise companies want to work with outsourcing partners who are reliable and can deliver on their promises.

They want to be confident that the project will be completed on time and within budget, and that the outsourcing partner will be responsive and communicative throughout the process.

The HelloWorld way

Being a able to deliver a project in the first place is something that differentiates tech companies to each other. Our teams deliver constantly value by using an incremental approach by collaborating closely with customers stakeholders.

This Agile way of delivery and collaboration, helps us build a strong bond with our customers, understand better their needs and eventually ship applications who work and provide solutions to the end-users.


Customers needs

Enterprise companies are concerned about data security and intellectual property protection.

They want to work with outsourcing partners who have strong security measures in place and who can ensure the confidentiality and security of their data and information.

The HelloWorld way

HelloWorld teams take security seriously this is why we use modern tools like the ones mentioned below to collaborate with our customers in a secure and efficient way right from the very start:

  • Google suite: email, calendar and meetings management
  • Slack connect: daily chat between teams and stakeholders
  • Jira: project management
  • GitHub: projects repositories management
  • GitHub actions: CI/CD
  • Toggl: service sheets management
  • 1password: credentials and sensitive information sharing
  • AWS: cloud services management


Customers needs

Enterprise companies want to work with outsourcing partners who can scale up as needed.

They want to be able to adjust the scope and size of the project as necessary and work with a partner who can adapt to their changing needs.

The HelloWorld way

HelloWorld teams offer such flexibility since they have the experience and the resources to do so.

Apart from that, they use technologies such as AWS cloud services so they can help their customers scale their projects or products accordingly without having to rewrite everything from the ground.


Overall, enterprise companies look for outsourcing partners who can provide high-quality work, cost savings, reliability, cultural fit, security, and scalability. By finding the right partner, they can successfully outsource their project and achieve their goals.


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