Figma's awesome new features

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Figma's awesome new features

In the ever-evolving world of design, Figma has consistently held its position as a leader, innovating and reshaping the landscape to accommodate the ever-changing needs of designers. In their recent annual conference, the creative software giant once again proved why they are a force to be reckoned with, unveiling a host of exciting new features that promise to significantly enhance user experience and productivity.

These additions, aimed at fostering more seamless collaboration and boosting creativity, underline Figma's commitment to constantly push the boundaries and redefine the norms of digital design.

The list of the new features is:

Dev Mode

Figma's latest feature, Dev Mode, has revolutionized the design-to-development workflow. With Dev Mode, designers and developers can seamlessly collaborate and bridge the gap between design and implementation. This powerful feature allows designers to inspect and copy code directly from design elements, providing developers with precise specifications and reducing the chances of misinterpretation.

Dev Mode also facilitates real-time updates, ensuring that any changes made to the design are immediately reflected in the code. By streamlining communication and enabling designers and developers to work in sync, Figma's Dev Mode enhances efficiency, accelerates the development process, and fosters a more cohesive and collaborative design ecosystem.


Figma's new Variables feature has brought enhanced flexibility and efficiency to the design process. With Variables, designers can define and manage reusable elements such as colors, typography styles, and spacing values in a centralized manner. This means that any changes made to a variable automatically update across all instances in the design, ensuring consistency and reducing the need for manual adjustments. Variables also enable designers to iterate quickly and experiment with different design variations by easily modifying the variable values.

This feature empowers teams to establish and maintain design systems effectively, promoting a cohesive visual identity and saving valuable time during the design iteration process. Figma's Variables feature is a game-changer for designers, allowing them to create scalable and adaptable designs with ease.

Advanced prototyping

Figma's new advanced prototyping capabilities, including the conditional logic feature, have elevated the possibilities for interactive and dynamic design experiences. With conditional logic, designers can create interactive prototypes that respond intelligently based on user interactions. By defining conditional rules and triggers, designers can simulate complex user flows, adaptively show or hide elements, and create personalized experiences.

This feature empowers designers to design and test intricate user journeys, making it easier to communicate and validate design decisions with stakeholders. Figma's advanced prototyping with conditional logic opens up a world of interactive possibilities, allowing designers to create immersive and engaging experiences that feel more like the final product.

New ways to use auto layout

Maximize your design productivity with Figma's latest enhancements to the Auto Layout feature. By introducing innovative functionalities like wrapping items to a new line and setting minimum and maximum widths and heights, designers can now spend less time resizing elements and focus more on the creative process. These new capabilities allow for automatic wrapping of items to a new line, ensuring seamless organization of content within a frame.

Additionally, the ability to set minimum and maximum widths and heights enables designers to maintain control over element dimensions while preserving responsive and flexible layouts. Figma's improved Auto Layout empowers designers to optimize their workflow, freeing up time to unleash their creativity and deliver exceptional designs.

Peruse and preview fonts

Figma's new "Peruse and Preview Fonts" feature introduces a game-changing experience for designers seeking to find the perfect typography for their designs. With this feature, designers can effortlessly explore and preview a wide variety of fonts directly within the Figma interface. The ability to peruse and experiment with fonts in real-time streamlines the font selection process, saving designers valuable time. Designers can visualize how different fonts impact the overall look and feel of their designs, ensuring they make informed choices that align with their creative vision.

This feature also enhances collaboration by allowing designers to share font selections with team members, facilitating consistent typography across projects. Figma's "Peruse and Preview Fonts" feature empowers designers to make typography decisions with confidence, ultimately resulting in visually stunning and cohesive designs.

Find files with ease

This new feature revolutionizes the way designers organize and access their design files. With this powerful functionality, designers can quickly search for specific files, projects, or even specific elements within their Figma workspace. The feature provides a comprehensive search experience, allowing designers to locate files based on file names, project names, or even specific design components.

This time-saving capability eliminates the need for manual navigation through folders and helps designers stay organized and efficient, especially when working on large-scale projects with numerous files. Figma's "Find Files with Ease" feature empowers designers to locate their design assets swiftly, allowing them to focus more on the creative process and collaborate seamlessly with their team.


Figma's annual conference has always been a hub of creativity, technological advancement, and thoughtful design discussions. This year, they have once again demonstrated their ability to stay ahead of the curve, presenting an array of innovative features that not only cater to current demands but also anticipate future needs.

As we delve into these additions, it becomes clear that Figma is not just a tool; it's a transformative platform that continues to empower designers to envision and create a more interconnected and visually stunning digital world.

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