Our Manifesto

By HelloWorld PC
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Our Manifesto

Everyone is talking about culture so culture seems to be everywhere nowadays.

Culture for hiring, culture for working, culture for delivering, culture for speaking, culture for listening, culture for collaborating, and many more.

What is culture though? Is it the way we behave or we think? Is it the way we work and we collaborate? Is it the level of results we provide or the impact our team has? Is it the way we behave and we communicate? Is it the way we dream and set higher goals every single day?

So what is an organization's culture all about? Can you put it on paper using simple words to describe it?

This is what we did by issuing our manifesto divided into two main pillars:

  • principles for our individuals

  • principles for our teams

You can find it here => https://docs.helloworldpc.com/docs/manifesto.html

Enjoy!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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