Roles and Seniority Levels

Marios Fakiolas
Marios Fakiolas
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Roles and Seniority Levels

In HelloWorld, each Software Craftsperson and UX Expert can belong to a specific seniority level at any time. These levels affect people's duties and compensation and help them focus on very clear and specific things while climbing the career ladder.

Above all, HelloWorld wants to act as a tailwind and not as a bottleneck for its people and their careers.

In order to help potential candidates to grasp fast what skills we evaluate mostly, we published the 4 core levels we use internally for our people to shed light on this blurry topic.

HelloWorld pays huge attention to actual hard and soft skills apart from the years in the field.

We believe that the years in the field are an indicator of battle-tested experience but on the other hand, we cannot rely solely on them since they can be extremely misleading regarding the actual development of the skills we evaluate most as an organization.

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