Space Person, 2nd quarter 2023

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Space Person, 2nd quarter 2023

Savvas Voumellis well deserved!!!


  • Always goes extra mile
  • Great communicator and good listener
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Lends a helping hand when needed


Savvas is always willing to lend a helping hand to me and the team when we struggle with an issue and he is exceptional in making complex things seem easy!

I think Savvas is irreplaceable part of the team and as a newcomer I find him extremely inspiring. He is very patient and consistent in his work and explaining all questions that may arise

I believe Savvas is the Swiss army knife of this organisation, as he manages projects, implements designs etc, helps people, and works very hard.

Savvas is very easy to work with! He always finds time when anyone asks for help and is always eager to help others in need. He encourages everyone to give their best and pushes himself and other team members to do the extra mile! When there are problems in different projects, he always finds a way to solve them without stressing out the rest of the team. He gets out the best self of everyone, fills us with confidence and brings calmness when needed!

Savvas was the reason we managed to meet some demanding deadlines during the 2nd quarter. He managed to organize all the available information and coordinate the team. He is a hard worker, a great listener, and a brilliant communicator. When you work with Savvas, the stress is reduced significantly.

Always very helpful, a problem solver, a hard and fast working person, personally he's an inspiration


We are blessed to have such a humble, hard-working, impactful, and ambitious person on our team.

Keep on doing your magic and sharing your positive vibes with your teammates Savvas 🪄


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