Modern Website: Add common error pages

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Modern Website: Add common error pages

Common error pages, like 404 (Page Not Found), 403 (Forbidden), 500 (Internal Server Error), and others, are very important for modern websites and web applications for several reasons:

User Experience (UX)

Properly designed error pages can prevent users from being stuck when they encounter an error. Instead of just displaying a generic message, a good error page can guide users to other parts of your site or app, maintaining the flow of user interaction and helping to reduce frustration.

Professionalism and Trust

Showing a default browser error message can seem unprofessional and may reduce users' trust in your site or app. Custom error pages that match the look and feel of your website not only provide a more consistent user experience, but also convey a higher level of professionalism and attention to detail.


Search engines might penalize your site if they encounter too many error pages. By having a custom 404 page, for instance, you can redirect users (and search engines) back to functional parts of your site, helping to maintain your search rankings.

Error Diagnostics

Custom error pages can also be configured to report back details about errors, helping your team to diagnose and fix issues more effectively.

Brand Image and Engagement

Error pages are an opportunity to infuse some creativity and humor, which can make your brand more memorable. Companies have created error pages with games, jokes, or unique graphics that align with their branding.


Generic error messages, particularly for server errors, can sometimes reveal sensitive information about your website's infrastructure which can be exploited by malicious users. Custom error pages can ensure only the necessary information is communicated.

For these reasons, creating useful, informative, and perhaps even entertaining custom error pages should be considered a necessary part of developing a modern website or web application. Cheers!!

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